They chose TechXIII

In 10 years, our clients have been French Champions 9 times – 7 times in the Elite 1 competition, and twice in the Elite 2 competition.

The tools we provide to help you achieve your sporting goals are not only delivered with precise technical expertise, but also passion

French national teams

XIII de France
XIII de France Féminin
XIII de France U19
XIII de France U18
XIII de France U16

League One

Toulouse Olympique XIII

Elite 1

Avignon XIII
Carcassonne XIII
Lézignan XIII
Limoux XIII
Palau XIII
St Estève XIII Catalan
Toulouse Olympique Broncos
Villeneuve XIII

Elite 2

Carpentras XIII
La Réole XIII
Lescure Arthès XIII
Lyon Villeurbanne XIII
Montpellier XIII
Réalmont XIII
St Gaudens XIII
Villefranche XIII