Accueil / Features

Three different ways of editing matches

Live, while the match is being filmed.
Live with a Windows phone, associating the video after the match.
After the match, while watching the video of the match.

Compatible with all the main video formats

You can capture the video in MPEG2, MP4, open the files in AVI, MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOD, MOV, M2TS and create video clips in AVI, MPEG, MP4 and MOV up to Full HD resolution (1920×1080).

Printing or exporting data

TechXIII comes with more than 30 predefined printable documents (tables, listings, graphs, presentations for statistics, diagram of the pitch to indicate where action takes place).
View on the screen, print or export the document in PDF.
Export the statistics from one or more games to Excel.

Video control

Change the speed, fast-forward or rewind from 1” or 5” or image by image, move forward to the next clip or back to the previous clip or simply watch the current clip again.
Watch the video on full-screen, change the camera angle in one click, or watch the same event from 2 different camera angles side-by-side. readjust the video (beginning, end).

Configuring plays

Configuring plays.
Set up key words to describe specific plays, with up to 6 possible sub-descriptions within each type of play.
Define the specific video length for each play.
Link roles with plays.
Set up roles to be created automatically.
Example of roles for a tackle: Tackler – 2nd man in.

Creating videos

Create a video easily from most TechXIII screens.

  • 4 output formats (AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4)
  • Several encoding profiles (resolution, speed, codec)
  • Add drawings and captions to your videos

Match sheet

In TechXIII, each statistic is linked to a game. Your statistics are therefore organised, easy to find and easy to use.

  • Fill in the team sheet
  • Enter details of non-selected players (injury, suspension, not picked)
  • Add minutes played
  • Automatically access information regarding your squad for the whole season
  • Search the match statistics based on different elements: date, result, competition, team, players…

Match editing

The rules of the game are integrated into the software.
TechXIII helps you by adapting to every situation. Plays and sets are automatically created.
Add interchanges, bookings and kicks at goal.
When each play is entered, a statistic and video clip is generated.

Customising the editing panel

You can customise how you enter data to enable you to work more easily.

  • Select and position the elements you want (pitch, plays, criteria)
  • Define the specific plays and events that you wish to enter
  • Use the pitches to locate events and study field possession

Re-editing events

  • Complete entered events while editing the match
  • Correct mistakes made when entering match details
  • Add or delete events
  • Activate the different screen options to save time and simplify data entry
    • Give players roles for each event
    • Set up default roles for the events so that they are created automatically

    Presenting the statistics

     Use attractive and efficient predefined dashboards…

    … Or create your own templates to present statistics of a match, a player or a team.

    The statistics can be used in the form of numbers, graphs, tables, and bar charts.

    Each statistic is automatically linked to the video clips. Simply click on the statistic or on the graph and the video loads!

    View, print and export to PDF.

    Creating customised filters

    Define customised, multi-criteria filters based on your own criteria.

    • The desired information can be the number, time or distance from the filtered events.
    • When you save a filter it automatically becomes a field linked to the statistics and the video clips
    • Use the filters in the customised tables, the statistics presentations as well as in the Excel import templates.

    Customising statistics tables

    Create your own tables for one or more matches, for a team or for a player:

    • Choose your display columns from your customised filters
    • Create columns calculated from different formulas (amount, ratio, percentage)
    • Format your data (colour of text and background)

    Match viewer

    View the edited match quickly, and go straight to events in chronological order.
    Watch individual or team action for a whole game organised by theme.
    Organise Timelines by event or by player.

    Video searches

    The multi-criteria, multi-match search engine allows you to look through your edited videos more easily.

    • Instantly access videos from all saved events
    • Use your own plays and events as search criteria
    • Quickly obtain video clips for your video sessions

    Creating your playlists

    • Select video clips from the results of your search
    • Organise your playlist
    • Change the length of a clip
    • Assign a specific camera angle for one or more elements on the playlist
    • Send results from one video search to several different playlists
    • Save your playlist for later use

    Overlay captions onto the video

    Enhance your playlist or videos by adding captions.
    Select the format, its position and how long you wish it to be displayed.
    Automatically display the score, the time and the current event…

    Adding graphics and enhancing your videos

    Use the graphics to enhance your playlists.
    Export images for external use.
    Integrate the graphics in a video clip.

    Interchanges and bookings

    Add interchanges by simply sliding and moving the mouse.
    Enter bookings (both when a player leaves the field and when he comes back on).
    Change bookings and interchanges while editing.

    Configuring action areas

    You can create two types of zones on the field – one for field possession and the other for video searches.
    Define your own action areas, then name and colour-code them.

    Field possession

    Enter action areas during or after editing.
    Speed up viewing and save time by only watching action when the ball is in play.
    TechXIII calculates the rate of possession in terms of ball possession of both teams.

    Comparing two events

    Display two events next to each other to view simultaneously.
    You can pause one video while still watching the other, and then go back to viewing both together.

    Quick editing

    Create a selection of video clips from a match or training session, using only the video extracts of your choice.
    Create a video from this montage or save a playlist for later use.

    Creating videos automatically

    Create a video for a player’s events in a game in one click.
    Create a thematic video (sets, tackles) in one click.

    Importing/exporting match analyses

    Import matches from the previous season.
    Share edited matches with other teams who also use TechXIII.

    Video conversion tool

    • Convert a video file
    • Put several videos together to make one
    • Cut a video extract and use it to create a new file
    • Save time with H264 compression hardware acceleration for the video card.
    • Automatically carry out several conversions one after another