TechXIII Features

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Intelligent Sequencing

Capture game events with an input interface that incorporates rugby rules. TechXIII assists you by adapting the interface to each game situation and automatically generates game sequences and ball possessions. Also, record substitutions, cards, and goal attempts. Each entered event generates statistics and a video clip.


Video stats search

The multi-criteria and multi-match search engine makes it easy to explore sequences.

  • Instantly find video clips among all recorded actions
  • Use your characterization elements as search criteria
  • Get the images you need in seconds to prepare your video session

Video editing

Select the most impactful match sequences, create targeted edits for coaching sessions. A sophisticated approach to enhance your club’s performance and engage your players.

Create video clips


Share your montages effortlessly with your team in just one click to create the corresponding video clips.

Add embedded captions, drawings, images, slides, speed variations, transitions, and simultaneously display two angles of view for the same action.

Match report + Dashboard

This comprehensive dashboard provides a detailed overview across 6 pages: General for comparing team activities, Points for goal attempts, Possession Sequences for gameplay sequences, Conquest for restart stats, and two individual player stat grids for home and away teams. In-depth analysis to optimize your performance and make informed decisions on the field.

Collaborative video exchange and match sequencing platform

For the past 10 years, we’ve been offering ProD2 and Fédérale 1 clubs the opportunity to share match sequencing and video files.

Now, we’re extending this service to Fédérale 2 clubs.

  • Film your home matches, sequence them, and then log in to TechXchange to make them available to other teams in your league.
  • You can track the progress of match uploads from the activity screen. Once the transfer is complete, you can download matches from your future opponents.
  • Access to downloads is exclusively reserved for subscribing clubs that upload their matches. No need to send a videographer or wait for a DVD to arrive.
  • You’ll be notified in real-time when matches from your pool become available.

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